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Our clients see the value and potential in partnering with us. They operate in the middle to high-end of the market, often owning or leasing their own buildings. Their teams are usually small and like us boast outgoing and eccentric personalities. The relationships we build and nurture ensure that the majority of our client base offers repeat projects and work. We understand that our higher price will exclude some inquiries and know that we need to put importance on project communication and clarity, specifically around timelines and progress reporting. Being a Contemporano partner, our clients get to utilise the wide range of tools, support, and training available - they gain a sounding board along with our baseline of exceptional customer service and product knowledge. 

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  • Assembled cabinetry
  • Small to medium batch runs
  • Custom machining solutions

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Need to get more throughput? Buying more machinery or hiring more staff not an option? Contemporano is here to help you. 

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