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We are a trusted manufacturing partner with the experience and resources to stand beside companies who, like us, strive to continually exceed the expectations of their customers and clients. Our goal is to re-invent the industry and how it’s perceived. We are not a turn-key solution, instead, we offer support, via technology, tools, training, and guidance, and product via high-quality custom-made cabinetry, prototyping, and bespoke solutions. Our industry-experienced management team, and skilled workers, utilize our state-of-the-art systems in our lean manufacturing plant, to fulfill our production requirements and maintain our high standard of craftsmanship. We give our clients a foundation and on-going mentorship to establish and grow a thriving business. Our clients are proud to partner with Contemporano, our brand and reputation offer credibility and confidence. In turn, like our team and offerings, we treat each of these on-going relationships as one of our most important assets

Our skill sets

Here at Contemporano we are a fully skilled workshop with qualified team members in every aspect of the trade, from CNC engineers to CNC machinists, cabinetmakers, and installers. This means if you want to talk to someone who actually knows what you're on about, give us a call today.

Our history

Contemporano started its life with an entry level CNC and basic edge bander. Once a few local cabinetmakers realised the capability of such machinery they asked Contemporano to become their machining workshop. As the companies grew it was clear we had grown beyond a simple machine shop and that we were ready to offer our custom cabinets to other companies who could benefit from our skills and machinery. From humble beginnings we now boast three CNC machines, a state-of-the-art edge banding line, and a host of other machinery giving us the grunt and flexibility to machine one panel or a thousand, to spec, on time, and on budget. 

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